The Secret In Prioritizing On Motor Quality Of Maximal Strength

The Secret In Prioritizing On Motor Quality Of Maximal Strength

Of all other things in body building training, the one most under-rated and ignored is a body builderâs maximal strength and especially the motor quality at that maximal level of strength. Reaching maximal strength for most body builders come with poor form and chaos in motor sensory order. But when a body builder can attain maximal strength and still be able to coordinate and control his or her motor quality, then he or she has learned of a valuable secrete that propels champions to the throne.

So how does one harness and perfect his or her motor quality in maximal strength levels? In most cases, motor quality of many athletes lies underdeveloped and yet it is very, very crucial. A splinter for instance needs to reach the absolute max in speed and strength and still be in control of his or her movements. A power lifter ought to lift the heaviest weight possible and still be in control of the barbellâs movements and posture. A body builder needs to be able to reach absolute muscle failure rep, in good exercise form and posture.

Motor quality in maximal strength is actually very easy to improve as compared to other motor qualities like motor speed, reaction rate and many others, most of which are significantly constrained by genetic predisposition.

Gaining maximal strength and then being able to reign on the motor quality creates the essential base to and on which to development the speed in maximal strength, exercise form in maximal strength and muscle stimulation in maximal strength. Other facets of training like optimal hypertrophy ability, endurance in strength training and prevention of injuries largely depend on the motor quality during moments of maximal strength demand. Without mortar quality, a body builder attains maximal strength demand only by risking his or her safety. He or she cannot even optimally stimulate maximal growth or fully stimulate the muscles.

Exercise for and ability to avoid injuries while training under heavy weights demands that you increase both your maximal strength and then perfect the motor quality to that level of strength. This can be done by using very rudimentary equipments like barbells and dumbbells, the object being reaching the highest intensity level possible, and then maintaining the feel of the weight and movement on the target muscle. When you can still feel the weight and be able to control the descent and ascent of the weight, even at the maximal intensity levels, then you will have harnessed motor quality. The movement must at all times be felt and controlled in speed, and range of motion.

Pick up dumbbell with your hands, choosing the appropriate weight you would use in a barbell curl for instance. Stretch out your hands by your sides so that they are in line with your shoulders. Let the barbell remain parallel to the torso, the hands being straitened completely. Then freeze at that point and count up to ten. Then lower the weight gradually, very gradually and ensure that you are in control of the movement. Repeat the exercises for three times, without any rest in between. Your ability to count up to ten and then bring the weight down in gradual, conscious speed and range of motion will tell you how well you fair in motor quality in maximal strength.

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