So What Food Do You Cook For The Super Bowl Party????

So What Food Do You Cook For The Super Bowl Party????

So What Food Do You Cook For The Super Bowl Party????

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spinach dip with the big rye bread is always a hit

No way that I am cooking!!! it will be take out!

im gonna cook some burritos and rotel

I will be making some chili.

Can’t go wrong with ordering pizza and hot wings. . . . . . . no cooking and no clean up

Just liquid lunch for me. . 2 oat sodas Gary!

definintely do chips and salsa. . . addicting and u can never go wrong

i dont i order pizza and pop!

we roast a hog over a open fire.

red HOT chicken wings!!!!! god i love hot wings and some nachos. . . . mmm covered in cheese and some hotdogs!!! thats what i like. . . . im so hungry

Frozen Buffalo Wings, bake ‘em! Pizza Rolls!

Cooking on the grill (grillin food)

pigs in a blanket-lil’ smokies wrapped in cut up biscuits

velveeta dip-velveeta w/hamburger meat and tortilla chips

since it’s like an american thing i don’t go too different but you can make the basic foods different by the flavors you use.

nothing different,the usual,raw beef and onions,shrimp,chips and dip,and subs,and what ever anyone else brings,and of course the beer,and liquor

I’m making deluxe natchos with strips of grilled beef and chicken.

Little triangle tuna salad sandwiches – Homemade

Fried shrimp with cocktail sauce – Store bought – coctail sauce – Homemade

French onion dip with veggies & potato chips for dipping – Store bought

Hot cinnamon rolls – Store bought but I’m going to make little orange footballs out of icing to go on top of the white icing

I don’t cook anything for a Super Bowl party ☻

cook some chicken tenders and and wings and put Old Bay on them.

I don’t know how different my menu choices are but I will be serving, the ever popular deviled eggs, with a cracker, cheese and summer sausage plater. Sliced cucumber and carrots sticks with ranch. and chili and cheese dip with scoops chips.

and cooked beer and brats sliced with toothpick.

My specialty foods are my boneless chicken wings. i do 3 different sauces, one is a bar b que, one sweet and sour, and one is a super spicy with a traditonal hot sauce that would rivel hooters.

Finally I always have my specialty ( slightly ) spicy potato salad. Too many secret ingredients to list. This is my crown jewel for all parties. I also try one dish at least that can be linked to one of the cities playing. This year I am considering Chicago style deep dish pizza as something I serve. I have done Philly cheese steak and New Enlgand Clam chowder in the past for example.

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