Tour Destinations in South KoreaTour to Health Tour to Health

Tour Destinations in South KoreaTour to Health  Tour to Health

The first thing that draws attention to reach South Korea are the technological advances that are evident from the first moment you put one foot in the country. The abundance of video screens and consoles touch both at airports and in subway stations, bus or walking around the city indicates how this country is technologically advanced.

But tourism in South Korea also we realize the contrast between modern buildings and ancient monuments that are preserved in the country and the technological evolution and rooted customs and traditions.

South Korea this is definitely an interesting destination for sightseeing. In addition to the curious old temples, palaces and monuments that still remain in the country, the South Korean food is rich, abundant and varied, and the country also offers interesting activities such as the so-called jilmjilbang or public baths, a spa with different species types of baths and saunas and where you can also sleep.

Among the main attractions for tourists in South Korea, highlights the capital, Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace as the most prominent monuments and where you can see every day the traditional changing of the guard.

Other cities are also interesting Busan, the country’s main port and main beach city of South Korea in summer. In Busan Haeundae Beach is the largest number of umbrellas in the world.

A sightseeing tour by South Korea can not forget the Korean Demilitarized Zone, the border with neighboring North Korea and the most watched in the world. Other interesting places to visit are the National Park Seoraksan and the ancient capital of Silla Kingdom, the city of Gyeongju, whose historic center is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.